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Welcome to CQ Mobile Workplace Immunisation

CQ Mobile Workplace Immunisation (CQMWI), a division of CQ Nurse, provides workplaces with onsite vaccination programs. CQMWI operates throughout Mackay and the Coalfields and holds a Queensland Health Certification as an Immunisation Provider. CQ Nurse has developed a Health Management Protocol that encompasses collaboration with Dr John Hadok, a well known and well respected local doctor with over 20 years in emergency care work. CQMWI employs Authorised Registered Nurses to provide professional solutions to your immunisation needs. These vaccinations include:

  • Annual Influenza vaccination, seasonally;
  • Hepatitis A and B;
  • Tetanus;
  • Diphtheria;
  • Whooping cough.

Why vaccinate?

Vaccination is a must in keeping staff well while they are at work. Staff illness due to preventable disease impacts your workplace by causing illness, absenteeism and diminished employee performance. The effects on buisness from the flu can linger for weeks as one employee after another falls ill. Flu causes an estimated 1,500,000 days of work anually and 25,092 confirmed cases of influenza were reported in 2011,  can you afford to be in that statistic? CQ Mobile Workplace Immunisation makes the process hassle free and very convenient, your staff can be immunised on-site or, in the case of Mackay clients,  in our professional offices at Parklands Mackay Business Hub,  this will save your workplace time and money.

How does onsite / workplace immunisation work?

CQMWI provides flexible programs to suit the needs of your workforce including corporate, office, workshops, industrial premises, mine sites; large worksites and small. We provide services to Mackay Region and the Coalfields.

Hassle-free - Cost Effective - Onsite Immunisation

We are dedicated to making this a smooth arrangement for the workplace and your employees.  Allow CQMWI to take the hassle out of this aspect of proactive health care for you and your employees. We come to you, providing clinics on-site at your workplace, or alternatively at our premises in Parklands Mackay Business Hub in Mackay. This flexibility reduces down time for your facility and your employees. Employee vaccination can be as easy as contacting CQMWI and we will come to you.

Contact our Co-ordinator today!

Contact our Co-ordinator today to enquire how we can assist your business to look after your employees, and all of your occupational immunisation needs. Or register your interest in receiving more information about Influenza, Hepatitis and Tetanus Immunisation in your workplace..

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